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Roadhouse Paige

Roadhouse Paige

Whether you live around Paige or are heading to see the Longhorns or Aggies play ball, the Roadhouse is your convenient stop for big, juicy burgers (winner of Best Burger in Bastrop County for 16 years straight!) served with mounds of french fries!

In addition to the best burger this side of your mama’s house, we serve a wholesome vegetarian menu and large, tasty salads. All meals are prepared to order — no precooked fast food served here! It’s all fresh. We also serve thick & creamy shakes, lemonade, beer and wine!

And don’t forget we’ve got live music on our stage! Come on over and check out Roadhouse, today!

Contact Roadhouse Paige

  • 147 Old Hwy 20 East
  • Paige, TX 78659
Business Hours

Daily 11am-8pm

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